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Peter starred in the Top Rated TV Series "The Profilers" (click the picture and be impressed)

Peter used his foresight to get out of a City the day before it was destroyed by Earth Quake.

Peter told the CEO of a National Coms company (Two Degrees Mobile), he and his wife would experience a major event EXACTLY 4 months ahead ! The American CEO Eric Hertz didn't listen and he and his wife Kathy died in the plane Eric piloted when it crashed and suck off the coast of New Zealand - March 30 2013 (read the stories on site).

Peter foretold John Travolta would have a new baby 20 months after his son Jet died; that Trump would be Presedent elect, a whole year before the election, he even filmed how it was to unfold exactly as it did in 2016  - Peter's (scientific) predictions are worth listening to !

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Report Profile and Forecast Includes: Your personal profile, present events and projected trends ahead to help you make the right decisions when you need it.

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Peter Discovered how to predict events in your life and make a written profile you can rely on. Let your friends read the front part of your Profile Report and watch their reaction. They'll want one after that, they're so accurate. Real facts, real Results. No fakery. Know your Purpose for your life and how to plan your future for best effect.

Your package provides a box where you can ask specific questions to Peter and he'll respond giving you the answer and directions you asked about.

There is nothing like this anywhere!  His is the ultimate Numerology system we know of! 

How does Peter know what's happening and then tells you what you should do for better outcomes. Here is a list of what is included in the report:

  1. How other people see you ?

  2. What your real purpose is in life ?

  3. The best career field to make your living in.

  4. What are your Natural Skills and Talents ?

  5. What's ahead for the next 12 months with a massive annual and a comprehensive month by month series of insightful forecasts you can rely on.

  6. This top of the range package includes a request box where you can ask Peter for help and advice on any subject to do with you. Fill it in so Peter knows exactly what answers you need right now.

  7. If you want to make contact with Peter for personal and private advice, email Peter from our site for how he can help. He does private 1 hour consultations for those wanting real help and get real answers to personal matters or problems oa a future direction.

  8. Want to learn Numerology from THE Leading Numerologist, let us know as courses have been organized and you can start right away. Email; and he'll come back to you.

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