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The Bronze Report, provides a description of you as would be seen by those who know you well. You see your reflection in the mirror and judge yourself as you do, but your friends and family see you from another perspective, one you cannot fully appreciate. This Report allows you to see another angle of what you are really like, helping you discover virtues you may not have fully realized.

  • Read what motivates you
  • How others first see you
  • Includes a general overview of the year

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The Silver Report offers information about your Purpose and Destiny. Your Emotional drivers are why you do things as you do. When you understand your emotions you will gain a better awareness of how to focus your energy and to manage your future better. This Silver Report provides additional information regarding your Skills and Talents. It provides the Wisdom to know what to do and the Lessons you need to overcome and master. The package contains advice on how you are feeling now, the conditions being presented you, and what to do for best results and more.

  • How other people see you
  • The overiding purpose of your life
  • The way you work and apply yourself
  • Your Natural Skills and Talents
  • Wisdom and Lessons life will provide you
  • How you're likely feeling this year
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The GOLD Report is the Premium Product Peter provides. You not only receive a full profile report including the content of the Bronze and Silver products which describe your Personality, Traits and Qualities, it also contains the previous months from January, leading up to date. Additionally, you get another twelve months forecast ahead. Peter does this so you can look back to confirm what happened in the previous months. Thereafter you get a 12 month forecast to read up on. Not only that, but you also receive another overview of the following year. This way you will know well ahead of time, how to prepare yourself for the months ahead. Peter's continued research and thirst for knowledge is reflected in the development and the upgrading of his reports. This undoubtably helps many overcome life's problems.

  • Includes Bronze and Silver Reports
  • The past months' events to prove trends 
  • A month by month forecast of what to expect for 12 months!
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