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$3:00  Yes, only $3.00 - A big sample of your Personality, Skills, Talents, Traits and Characteristics. Read the lines of work or career you align with. Your image in the mirror is not a good way to judge yourself by, this report allows you to see what others see you're like. Have you tried our FREE App: go to and have some fun.

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The Silver Report discusses your Purpose and Destiny, your Emotional drivers, why you do things as you do. When you understand your emotions you gain a better awareness of how to focus your energy and to manage your future for best effect. Additional points re your Skills provides information of how to sharpen your Natural Talents and what you can do to boost your career. The Report contains advice on how you're feeling now, the conditions you're experiencing, and what to do for best results and more.

  • How other people see you
  • The purpose of your life
  • The way you best apply yourself
  • Your Natural Skills and Talents
  • Insights of what is happening now
  • How you're likely feeling presently
  • Free App 
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The GOLD Report is the Premium Product Peter provides. You not only receive a full profile report including the content of the Bronze and Silver products which describe your Personality, Traits and Qualities, it also contains amazing Probability Information developed under the Vaughan Process. This report is the unique product discovered by Peter Vaughan that no-one else in the world can provide. You will receive a personalised Probability Report of the current year's events, PLUS from the date you purchase the Gold Package, you will have an extended twelve months insights written personally by Peter Vaughan. Peter does this so even if you buy the Gold report in the middle of the year, you can look back to confirm what happened in the previous months, but still get 12 months ahead and an Annual overiew of next year. This way you will know well ahead, how to prepare yourself for the up-and-coming. This helps many overcome life's problems.

  • Includes Full Profile at forensic levels
  • Past, present and projected trends to help with choices
  • Free App to play with 
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